Aerospace MRO

Aerospace Engine Manufacturing & Remanufacturing

We offer equipment and supplies for Aviation MRO engine manufacturers and rebuilders. Our equipment is built in the USA and designed to meet strict aerospace specifications. Below is a partial list of the items we provide.

Air blast systems include blast cabinets, automated systems, and robotic systems. View here.

Wet blast systems that reduce media embedment, dust, and parts pre-washing. View here.

Blisk and blade tubs/bowls which require minimal labor, mainly the loading and unloading of parts and machine maintenance. View here.

Parts washing systems for cleaning oil, grease, or other contaminents from engine components. View here.

For sensitive substrates and precision coating removal, we offer corn hybrid polymers (EnviroStrip®, EnviroStrip® XL and eStrip® GPX Type VII). View our blast media here.

Our in-house lab can help determine the most effective process for your parts. Call us today at 1-866-MIDVALE for more information.

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