COVID-19 Industrial Protective Solutions

Keep your valuable assets protected by providing a safe environment that reduces workers’ exposure to bacteria and viruses.

During this difficult time with COVID-19, it is imperative that your employees and customers are protected. Providing personal protection equipment (PPE) is a key factor in safeguarding operations while running at full capacity.

We at Midvale continually examine how we can better serve you. We do this by providing the best industrial solutions for keeping your business safe during this pandemic. 

See below for the best industrial safety equipment and cleaning products we offer to ensure your business maintains safe practices while running at full production.

SaniSpray HP Disinfectant Sprayers

disinfectant sprayer
portable cart sanitizing sprayer

The SaniSpray HP line is designed specifically for high production spraying of disinfecting, sanitizing, and deordorizing chemicals.

The Sanispray is the fastest way to disinfect selected areas, providing safe environments from COVID-19. Available in multiple sizes and styles to meet the needs of your facility: handheld sprayers, cordless handheld sprayers, portable hopper sprayers, and cart sprayers.

Alcohol Surface Cleaner & Hand Sanitizer

Industrial surface cleaner and hand sanitizer to keep your work environment healthy and safe. Each item arrives ready-to-use in your facility. Available in multiple size and container options.

Liquid Surface Cleaner:

  • 70% alcohol
  • One step, no rinse solution
  • Fast and effective
  • Surface cleaner follows the CDC recommendations for COVID-19 prevention and hand hygeine


Liquid Hand Sanitizer:

  • 80% Alcohol
  • Kills harmful bacteria and germs
  • Slow evaporation for high contact time
  • Easy to apply liquid formula
  • Hand sanitizer is FDA approved

Personal Safety Partitions

industrial partition

Industrial safety partitions are an easy-to-implement PPE system to minimize contact between guests or employees. Options include hanging partitions from the ceiling or free standing them on the ground. We offer multiple sizes and can custom any size partition as needed.

Perfect for any application:

  • Restaurants
  • Workspaces
  • Medical
  • Checkout Counters

Air Filtering and Supply

air papr
air filter

Air quality control is a key factor in making sure your operators are breathing clean and safe air. We carry a full line of air supply filters, mobile PAPR systems, and gas monitors.

painting respirator hoods

Respirator Hoods

Midvale offers a full line of respirator hoods for multiple industries including: blasting, painting, grinding, and welding. Each respirator hood maintains the operators’ safety from germs, environment, and from the airline.

Blast Cabinet Gloves

Blast Cabinet Gloves

Reduce the amount of contact between your employees by providing cabinet gloves for each operator. These cabinet gloves are easy to change (est. 3 minutes) and no tools are needed. 

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