Industries Served

Aerospace Coating Removal

Aerospace Coating Removal


EnviroStrip, EnviroStripXL, and eStrip GPx Type VII plastic dry stripping media protects sensitive surfaces such as thin skinned aluminum and composites against damage during dry stripping.  We also provide solutions to remove spent media.


Investment Castings

We know how important investment casting and cast finishing requirements are, that’s why our sales and technical staff are always willing to consult with you and your team on possible options to get the most out of your production line.

reline-and-rebuild vibratory bowls

Equipment Rebuilds

We provide in-field assessments to ensure that your operation continues to work as well as it did the day it began operating. We can help with relines on vibratory finishers, repairing and rebuilding a wheelblast machine, and restoration on your blast cabinet or pot.

Bearings Industry

Midvale has been involved in the development of new processes and finishes within bearing industry through the reduction of cycle times and scrap materials. No matter how challenging the specification is our sales and technical support team is ready to work side by side with you to find a solution.

Waterjet Cutting

Midvale Industries provides effective finishing solutions within the water and laser jet cutting industry.  Water jet cutting is missed typically with garnet (or another hard abrasive) to cut steel, aluminum, granite, providing tight tolerances and a good edge finish.  Laser Jet Cutting is used for cutting, engraving, and more.



 Midvale Industries has been a leader in foundry technology and foundry supplies for over 115 years providing melting, molding and coremaking, pattern making, and cleaning room products.  We are proud members of AFS, FEF, and the Ductile Iron Society.

medical implants


Precision and detail is vital to finishing medical implants and surgical instruments.  Our team focus’ on process development in order to safeguard parts against imperfections and contaminants.  We offer blast, mass finishing equipment, media, UV cured masking, parts washing equipment and chemistry.


Composite Manufacturing

Midvale supplies solutions for composite bond preparation, tool cleanup, and coating removal on composites.  Our starch based products (manufactured by ADM) have been approved on various composite and aluminum components for Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Pratt and Whitney, U.S. Military Aircraft, NASA, as well many other manufacturers and maintenance facilities.



From deburring to removal of machine marks, Midvale has the expertise to accomplish your surface finishing goals.  We offer a wide array of mass finishing, wheelblasting, and blast finishing options.  Also available is automated grinding by Maus (see our foundry equipment section for more information).

General Manufacturing

Midvale Industries has in many different manufacturing facilities ranging from the 1 to 2 man small shop to multinational manufacturers with plants both domestically in the U.S. and abroad.   We provide a range of solutions to suit just about any finishing or foundry requirement you may have.


Whether its die cast automotive parts or automotive remanufacturing Midvale Industries has the technical knowledge and experience to provide you with the best equipment and consumables to get your production line running efficiently.


Firearms and Ammunition

We offer a wide range of products to finish and peen firearms as well as process new and used ammunition casings.  Products including glass and ceramic beads for achieving bright mate finishes to automated blast cabinets to finish gun barrels.  Explore our surface preparation page here.


Die Casting

We distribute the most cost effective die casting materials to perfectly fit your specific applications. We have worked with many automotive component manufacturers to meet specific tolerances on dimensions, surface profile, cosmetic finish, and cleanliness of a part.

Building Restoration

Building Restoration

Midvale offers Armex Baking Soda Products as well as soda blasting pots and accessories. Soda blasting is uniquely suited to restoring smoke and fire damaged woods and masonry work (also deodorizes and cleans), graffiti, mold and rust removal.

Door Hardware

Midvale strives to develop new solutions and processes, working to achieve the best possible finish for door hardware.  Whether it’s a brushed steel or nickel finish you are trying to achieve or your deburring sharp edges, let our experienced sales team work with you today.

Product Description

Aerospace Coating Removal Products

Starch-based coating removal technology preserves aircraft integrity, removes coatings quickly and
efficiently, and is a 100% natural renewable resource.


Composite Bond Preparation

We also offer wet blasting solutions for composite bond preparation and to remove paints and coatings
on parts when dust and media embedment are concerns.


Abrasive Blasting Equipment

We support a wide range of equipment for processing your parts including blast rooms, robotic blast systems,
automated blast systems, blast cabinets, blast cabinets and more.