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rotary basket parts washer
JenFab 360 Rotary Basket Washers

The Jenfab 360-1 is a front loading rotating basket industrial parts washer, designed to clean one basket of parts at a time. It is ideal for general parts washing, as well as precision cleaning of screw machined parts, CNC machined parts, fine blanked parts, and stampings. Ultrasonic cleaning is added for critical cleaning of complex shaped parts, including: fuel system components, hydraulic valve bodies, Swiss Screw Machine parts, orthopedic implant cleaning, and medical device part cleaning.

The Lean Clean Models 360-2; 360-4; 360-8 clean two, four and eight baskets respectively.

Thoroughly cleans and dries up to twice as many baskets per hour compared to most single rotating basket part washers on the market today.

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