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Armex Baking Soda

ARMEX Blast and Cleaning Media are baking soda based abrasives for the cleaning and removal of tough coatings and contaminants that can be used easily, and effectively without disturbing the base material.

ARMEX is used in contained applications where the work piece is brought to the equipment and where dust evacuation systems are employed in either, glove box cabinets, modular units or blast rooms, depending on the size of the work piece.

Standard Abrasive Sizes Available
All blends available upon request

Blasting Applications:
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
armex blast media

Before & After Images Using ARMEX Blast Media

armex blast media
armex blast media

Need help deciding which sandblasting sand to use? View this Blast Media chart to find the most effective media for your application!

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