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Mi-T-M Pressure Washer Trailers

For the ultimate in portability: Purchase a dual-axle trailer unit, add reliable Mi-T-M equipment to suit your application, and you are ready for the next job! Trailer units are used by heavy construction contractors, factories, well drillers, mines, military bases, road builders, contract cleaners, shipyards, municipalities and food services.


· 5-foot x 8 1/2-foot trailer
· 3-inch x 4 1/4-inch angle frame
· 7,000 gross vehicle weight
· (2) 3,500-lb. axles with brakes on both sides
· (4) ST205-75R 15-inch radial tires with 6-bolt white spoke rims
· (2) Tandem fenders
· 2-inch coupler
· Swivel jack with pad
· Rubber mounted sealed lights
· Tanks are enclosed in a powder coated steel frame
· 5-foot x 4-foot x 12-inch storage area located under water tanks, access doors located at back of trailer
· Pressure washers sit on a solid 1/4-inch steel base that will fit all Mi-T-M pressure washers
· Aluminum treadplate steps for access to water tanks
· (2) 200-gallon tanks are plumbed together


Models Available:
AW-9000-0003 With surge brakes and (2) 200-gallon water tanks
AW-9000-0004 With electric brakes and (2) 200-gallon water tanks
AW-9000-0008 With surge brakes and (1) 200-gallon water tank


High Pressure Hose Reels
Includes hose reel with jumper hose and mounting bracket
TX-0001 13-inch reel
TX-0002 16-inch reel


Low Pressure Hose Reel
Includes hose reel with mounting bracket and plumbing
TX-0003 16-inch reel
Note: 22-0136 back-flow preventor must be used with TX-0003, when used in California.


Replacement Hose Reel Parts
When adding hose reels to the single-axle trailer, use the following jumper and mounting bracket.
15-0159 Jumper hose
13-0179A01 Mounting bracket
50-0195 13-inch hose reel, 150-foot maximum hose
50-0196 16-inch hose reel, 200-foot maximum hose


Back-Flow Preventor
·Adds the back-flow preventor to dual-axle trailers, AW-9000-0003 and AW-9000-0004 and single-axle trailers that have the TX-0003 low pressure hose reel option
·Mounts to hose reel or inlet plumbing on trailer
·Adds the backflow preventor to single-axle trailers that do not have the TX-0003 low pressure hose reel option
·Mounts to inlet plumbing on trailer


Trailer Tank Bypass
This back-flow preventor is required on trailer units in some states.
TX-0005 For use on HS Series models
· Removes float system, while adding the necessary plumbing
· Water bypasses back to water tank


Trailer Hitch
This specially designed heavy-duty, 2-inch trailer hitch has a pin-style fastener trailer coupler and hinged ball socket with visual indication of proper closure around the ball – all to ensure a quick, easy and secure hook-up. Includes hitch with brackets and hardware.


Due to advancements in technology, the design of Mi-T-M trailers may change.

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