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Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Ultrasonic parts washer systems use ultrasonic waves in a mix of water (sometimes only water) and chemical cleaners to remove dust, dirt, grease, and scale.

One of the most important parts of an ultrasonic parts washer is the transducer. The transducer produces the ultrasonic waves that clean the parts. Piezoelectric Transducers are typically found in units and tend weaken overtime because they are made from delicate materials that fail sooner than Magnetostrictive Transducers. Magnetostrictive Transducers also do not have “hot spots” therefore they provide more uniformity in cleaning versus Piezoelectric Transducers that degrade and stress at extreme temperatures

Here are the 3 Main Types of Ultrasonic Parts Washers:

Large Ultrasonic Parts Washer

A wide range of tank sizes are available to handle heavy workloads, long work cycles, and aggressive chemistry (optional transfer holding tanks).

The large series tanks offer high performance, and reliability to industries with large capacity cleaning requirements.

These ultrasonic cleaning systems incorporate high-powered ultrasonics and stainless steel tanks to deliver consistent, dependable performance.

In-Line Ultrasonic Parts Washer

In-Line Ultrasonic Parts Washers will provide a level of automation to your facility. Inline cleaning systems can be adapted to use with existing overhead conveyors, or onto flat wire mesh belt conveyors. The process is streamlined and allows parts to pass through the entire application with a reduction of direct labor.

Provides critical cleaning of larger mass parts as well as small parts.

Custom Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Custom Ultrasonic Parts Washers are engineered to fit your unique and specific application. Industry specific systems such as Turbine Engine Fuel Nozzle Cleaning, Automated Indexing, Semi-Automated, etc. can be re-designed and configured for custom cleaning applications.

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