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Vibratory Compounds

Midvale Industries offers a broad line of vibratory compounds for mass finishing processes. Vibratory media and compounds are both critical for achieving a consistent and precise finish.

Common finishing applications include burnishing, polishing, inhibiting, deburring, deflashing and more.

Vibratory Compounds have been chemically engineered for specific finishing applications to provide the best surface finish. These compounds ensure that your media and equipment continue to run at high production levels. See below for a list of our vibratory compound options.

Burnishing Compound

Acid Burnishing Compounds are used for bright and lustrous finishes (typically used with steel vibratory media but can be used with ceramic vibratory media)

Alkaline Burnishing Compounds create a nice deep shine and can be used with ceramic media, plastic media, and some porcelain media.

Cleaning Compound

Cleaning Compounds enhance the feed and roll of the mass and come in a range of formulations designed for specific soils.

Deburring Compound

Deburring Compounds are designed to provide smooth and refined surfaces while providing lubrication and reducing impingement

Aids in the removal of metal fines while preserving the media as it breaks down

Deburring Compounds are available in a multitude of formulations to accommodate both ferrous and non-ferrous parts in a variety of foaming actions

Descaling Compound

Descaling Compounds are designed to remove tough oxide and carbonized oxide films

Descaling Compounds can be very acidic, very alkaline, or heavily chelated

Most of our acidic descaling compounds are designed to be used with ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel vibratory media (do not use with carbon steel vibratory media).

Inhibiting Compound

Inhibiting compounds protect parts from oxidation, corrosion, and tarnishing. Inhibiting compounds can be used in a Vibratory Bowl but typically are utilized in a post-dip or spray. Inhibiting Compounds are available for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are recommended for use with steel vibratory media that is used in burnishing applications.

The compounds we sell are made in the United States by a manufacturer that has produced high quality compounds for over a century. Most compounds ship within a day and the remaining typically take less than a week to ship. Many our compounds are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Special formulations can be blended to suit challenging jobs.

Find Out More About Vibratory Compounds

Speak to our team to identify which vibratory compound and media option will be best for your metal finishing process. Through our lab process, we can develop the best process for you