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Metal Alloys

Whether it’s a ferrous or non-ferrous foundry, adding high quality metal alloys are critical for developing good melts and producing quality castings. Midvale carries a full line of Elkem Ductile and Gray Iron metal alloys that include MgFeSi (magnesium ferrosilicon), nodularizers and high performance inoculants.

Nodularizer Alloys

  • Elmag
  • Lamet
  • CompactMag
foundry alloys

Inoculant Alloys

  • TopSeed
  • Bisnoc
  • Vaxon
  • Alinoc
  • Foundrisil
  • Superseed
  • Superseed Extra
  • Ultraseed
  • Ferrosilicon


Midvale Industries is a proud member of the AFS (American Foundry Society), FEF (Foundry Educational Foundation), Ductile Iron Society, NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) and the NFFS (Non-Ferrous Founders' Society).

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