Wet Blast Systems


Wet Blast Cabinet


Wet blasting creates smooth and precision finishes while reducing abrasive embedment. It also eliminates many of the dust problems associated with traditional blast cabinets, while preserving the abrasive longer than traditional dry blasting.

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Wetblast Flex TM


Our all-in-one WETBLAST FLEX system gives you convenience you don’t get from traditional slurry systems. Its design and simplified set up and operation make for easier end-of-shift shutdown.

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Robotic Wet Blast Systems

Robotics systems can accomadate multiple moving nozzle angles and be integrated into a handling and delivery system with a multi axis robotic wet blasting system. Ideal for precision and highly repeatable results on sensitive applications.

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EcoQuip 2 Vapor Blasters


With Graco’s EcoQuip 2 Vapor Abrasive blast equipment, you will see up to 92% dust suppression over dry blasting without the wet, slurry mess you get from traditional wet abrasive blasters.

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Automated Wet Blast Systems

 Ideal for high capacity requirements that demand volume, speed and ease of use.  Innovations such as dual load doors, power drives that enable one part to be processed while others are loaded and unloaded, tumble baskets, heavy duty turntables and more.

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Abrasive Injector


An economical wet blasting option for those with existing power washing equipment.  It can remove coatings from steel and concrete surfaces and be used on rust, paint, stains, and graffiti.

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