Midvale Industries specializes in aerospace applications to keep your aircraft flying longer. We are innovators of environmentally friendly practices and custom engineered processes to make sure you achieve the smoothest surfaces without harming metal or composites.

Aerospace Coating Removal

Remove any coating from any type of surface using our environmentally friendly selective stripping process.

Composite Bond Prep

Create a clean, even etched finish with no media embedment to prepare your composites for the bonding process.

composite tool cleaning

Composite Tool Cleaning

Safely and effectively clean your tooling and molding while also reducing labor costs and wear caused by hand sanding.

metal bond removal

Metal Bond Deflash

Quickly remove excess adhesive without damaging the underlying surface, including aluminum and composites.

Aerospace MRO

We offer a full line of equipment and supplies for aerospace engine manufacturers, rebuilders and general MRO shops.

Blisk & Blade

Our blisk and blade vibratory tubs and bowls are a staple in Aviation MRO to prep and clean parts. They require minimal labor.

Aerospace Peening

Create uniform compressive stress layers, prolong service life and reduce part failure through a high quality peening process.

Mobile Demo Lab

Our mobile demo lab is fully equipped with a blast room to process sample parts or help properly train your staff.

Awards & Recognition

The Closing the Circle Award

The Closing the Circle Award honors federal facilities and individuals for excellence in reducing their use of toxic and hazardous chemicals, eliminating waste, recycling, and purchasing of a variety of products with energy and environmental attributes.

Cornstarch and the Coast Guard

Cornstarch and the Coast Guard is an article that discusses the U.S. Coast Guard’s use of cornstarch media as an environmentally responsible way to remove paint from aircraft. Read the article here.

Buying Green

The United States Navy has been recognized for their Green Procurement or Environmentally Preferable Purchasing and their decision to use Midvale Environmental as a distributor partner. 

aircraft paint stripping

Midvale Environmental Technologies

Midvale Environmental Technologies has been working with military and commercial aerospace maintenance and repair shops for over 20 years to provide environmentally responsible solutions that aid in preserving aircraft integrity, worker safety, and environmental stewardship of products used in the blasting and coating removal process. Our recycling program is approved throughout the country by various state regulatory agencies including in the State of California.

Aerospace Process Development

Midvale has partnered with many military bases and commercial aerospace companies to develop processes, floorplans and best blasting practices. We strive to make sure each individual application is designed to be cost efficient and increase productivity.

robotic blast equipment
Are you stripping airframes with dangerous chemicals?

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