Industries Served

Midvale Industries specializes in quality equipment, supplies and service to make sure your facility is running at full strength. We support metal finishing and manufacturing processes such as: Metalcasting, Surface Preparation, Surface Finishing, Metal Fabrication, Parts Washing, Industrial Coatings.

See below for a partial list of industries we serve. If you don’t see yours listed, contact us to find out how we can help!

wet sand blasting

Automotive Remanufacturing

Remanufacturing requires heavy-duty equipment to provide a clean part. We offer proven solutions to cut through heavy grease, oils, and other contaminants whether you’re blasting or cleaning in solutions.

firearms & ammunition finishing

Firearm & Ammunition

Surface profile is critical for firearm components and ammunition. We offer multiple parts finishing processes to provide consistent finishes for ammo casing barrels, slides, and other components.

medical parts finishing

Medical Manufacturing

Precision, detail, and repeatability are vital to finishing medical implants and surgical instruments.  Our team focuses on process development in order to safeguard parts against imperfections and contaminants. 

aerospace coating removal


We are innovators of environmentally friendly practices, organic abrasive, and custom engineered manufacturing and maintenance processes to make sure you achieve the smoothest surfaces without harming metal or composites.

foundry supplies


Midvale Industries has been a leader in foundry technology and supplies for over 120 years. We provide melting, molding and coremaking, pattern making, and cleaning room products.  We are proud members of the AFS, FEF, and the Ductile Iron Society.

Die Casting supplies

Die Casting

We distribute cost effective die casting materials to fit your specific applications. We have worked with many automotive manufacturers to meet specific tolerances on dimensions, surface profile, cosmetic finish, and cleanliness of a part.

vibratory finishing

Mass Finishing

Mass finishing provides large batch finishing processes for a multitude of parts. These systems reduce labor and cut down on the total processing time spent on parts such as pipe fittings, bearings, machined components, knife blades and much more!

fabrication ppe

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication requires cost effective solutions to get the job done right. We specialize in metal finishing solutions, grinding tools, drill bits, weld supplies, PPE, and industrial coating systems.

General Manufacturing

We distribute to many sizes of manufacturing facilities, ranging from 1-2 man small shops to multi-national manufacturers.  We provide a range of solutions to suit just about any finishing or foundry requirement.

railcar blasting

Railcar Repair

Railcar maintenance requires tough and durable equipment and media that’s up for the large job. We offer a variety of blast media and equipment built to last the tough environment of heavy blasting operations.

bridge maintenance

Bridge & Road Maintenance

Bridge and road maintenance is a dangerous job. Make it easier with reliable requipment. We offer blast equipment, abrasive, coating equipment, and personal safety supplies.

pipeline blasting

Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, time is a high priority. Reliable equipment that provides consistent and quick results speeds up any project. We offer a variety of blast media and equipment built to last in tough environments.

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