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wet scrubber

Wet Dust Collector

Midvale offers a line of stainless steel wet dust collectors designed to remove contaminants from an air or gas stream.

How it Works:

1st Stage
Fine micron particles (as small as ¼ micron) are captured in low-pressure water and are injected into an incoming air stream.
2nd Stage
The particulate laden water is accelerated through an adjustable venturi. This action ensures that the particles stay trapped within the water stream.
3rd Stage
The air stream sends the high velocity particulates into a large tank of water. The water tank allows the air to bubble out, while the particulates are submerged and trapped.
4th Stage
As the air stream flows up through the moisture eliminator plates, finer particulates cling to the condensation on the plates. The clean air is then blown back into the work area, or into the exhaust ductwork.
5th Stage
In the water tank, the particulates settle to the bottom where a conveyor scrapes the particulates into an area that dries the sludge, leaving clean water behind. The dried sludge is then deposited into a container located outside the unit, ready for recycling or disposal.

wet scrubber

Wet Scrubber Sizes

  • 16 gallon water capacity and up to 1200 CFM
  • 40 gallon water capacity and up to 3000 CFM
  • 80 gallon water capacity and up to 5000 CFM
  • 80 gallon water capacity and up to 6500 CFM
  • 400 gallon water capacity and up to 12000 CFM

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