Who We Are

midvale_ourserviceMidvale Industries provides process solutions for a multitude of industrial applications including surface preparation, coating removal, parts cleaning, foundry supplies and equipment, metal finishing supplies and equipment, and more.  Our sales representatives have received several years of training through programs sponsored by our vendors, the American Foundry Society, the Cast Metal Institute, as well as receiving training in our lab and also in the field with our experienced sales management team.


Our goal is not to just sell the customer supplies and equipment but to show them how to use those products and equipment in an economical, safe, and efficient way.   When a Midvale sales representative visits your facility the focus is on the whole production process.  They search for bottlenecks, possible waste, and potential safety issues along with regular inspection reports on equipment and consumables. Our team’s goal is to be your company’s personal consultation team on a project.

Our History

midvale-hist_360x180Midvale Industries opened its doors in 1901 in East Saint Louis, Illinois and began selling its mined and manufactured foundry products. Early on, our company emphasized technology and process development beginning with our premeasured mold manganese briquettes. These briquettes (the first of their kind on the market) provided consistency and quality to the melt of the region’s foundries.


As the years have gone by Midvale Industries branched out into surface preparation, part cleaning, paint and coating equipment and more.


Over the past 20 years Midvale helped developed an aerospace coating removal process and recycling program which provided users the ability to remove coatings and paint without damaging composites, thin skinned aluminum, and various other delicate surfaces.   The demand for this process continues to grow in both the commercial and military aviation sectors.


Today we are a nationwide distributor serving customers with projects as diverse as coating removal on composites in the aerospace industry to consulting on the production of high-quality investment castings.


Please call us today 1-866-MIDVALE and let over 115 years of experience in the foundry, surface finishing and cleaning business work for you.

Job Shop


FTI Tulsa is our job shop that provides a range of services including cleaning, mass finishing, blast finishing and more.  Our capabilities includes

profiling, deflashing, deburring, degreasing,

descaling, cleaning, and peening.


Let FTI assist you with getting the job done

quickly and cost effectively.



Our Lab Services


Midvale Industries Laboratory Services provides customers with the ability to explore the many

types of finishes available to them through

laboratory testing with a variety of abrasives,

chemicals, and equipment without slowing

production at their facility.


Our lab’s current capabilities include a range of finishing applications from dry blasting in a

cabinet (suction vs. pressure), mass finishing, wet blasting, soda blasting, and ultrasonic cleaning.