Robotic and Automated Air Blast Equipment

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Robotic Blasting Equipment

Robotic blasting systems are ready to take on challenging specifications and tolerances required by your customers. These systems are programmable and available in many options, from cabinet upgrades to accommodate particular types of abrasives, to additional robotic components for loading and unloading.

-Programmable and specially designed for repeatability and consistency. Robotic functions can be re-programmable to allow flexibilty within a manufacturing facility.

-Ideal for precision blasting applications such as those found in the aerospace, automotive, and medical implants industries. When blasting by hand, it can be hard to acheive a repeatable, fine finish on metal components without the help of robotics.

-Many robotic functions and options are available including robotic loading and unloading (pick-and-place robotics) as well as vision detecting packages that can detect even the most subtle defects.

Automated Blasting Systems

Automated blasting systems are engineered for your specific blasting operation. We evaluate your requirements and parts to engineer the equipment to best suit your application. Fully automated blast equipment can come in many options such as:

  • Indexing Turntable
  • Batch Processing
  • Continuous Processing
  • Rotary Head
  • Shot Peening System
  • In-Line Systems
  • Customized Systems

Talk to our team to find the right fit for your blasting process.

Robotics and Automation Are Custom Engineered Projects

Our team of technical representatives will partner with you and our engineers to determine the best solution for your application. Start the conversation today and discover ways to improve your process.

Not sure if robotics are right for you?

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