Die Casting

Die Casting Foundry Supplies

We distribute the most cost effective die casting materials to perfectly fit your specific applications. We have worked with many automotive component manufacturers to meet specific tolerances on dimensions, surface profile, cosmetic finish, and the cleanliness of parts.


Midvale offers several flux options for pouring aluminum, bronze, zinc, brass, iron, and more.

foundry mold coatings

Mold Coatings

Midvale carries Freedom Foundry coating products to help with release on your die casting molds.

Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Midvale offers a full line of vibratory finishing equipment from stand alone bowls to full, in-line finishing and drying.

shot blasting machine

Wheel Blast Equipment

We offer a full line of Wheel Blast Equipment to get your castings cleaned and prepped for the next step of your assembly or for shipping.

steel shot and grit

Blasting Abrasives

We offer a variety of blasting abrasives designed to clean, peen or prep metal surfaces. Find the best abrasive for your application.

wet scrubber

Wet Scrubber

Midvale offers a selection of stainless steel wet duct collectors that remove the contaminants from an air or gas stream to create a healthy environment.

Are you looking to add more automation to your Die Casting facility?

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