Melt Department

Quality castings start with the Melt

Optimize your metal production performance by creating a quality melt. We proudly support the foundry industry with the best melt products for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal foundries. Midvale supplies alloys, flux, ladles, carbon risers, stopper rods, pouring nozzles and more!


Midvale offers several fluxes for pouring aluminum, bronze, zinc, brass, iron, and more.


Midvale offers both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We also offer alloys for gray and ductile iron.

Carbon Riser

Midvale offers high quality synthetic carbon graphite with low levels of sulfur.

Slag Coagulant

Easily remove slag and other impurities with the addition of our slag coagulant.

Foundry Ladles

Our Ladles were designed and built by foundrymen who utilized real life experiences to develop innovative design elements for the ladles. We offer multiple ladle types and carry ladle parts & accessories.

Try a sample of our Melt Supplies

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