Blast Media

Midvale carries a full line of high quality abrasive blast media to accommodate any blast process or surface finish. Whether your job is removing tough coatings from delicate substrates or cleaning metal castings in a foundry, we have the media for the job.

The majority of our abrasive products are mined and manufactured in North America.

Angular Blast Media

Angular blasting media can remove metal and is used for aggressive profiling and stripping applications.

aluminum oxide blasting media

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is a sharp, fast cutting, recyclable abrasive.

aluminum oxide blasting media

Alumina Zirconia

Alumina Zirconia is a highly durable blast media.

aluminum oxide blasting media

Coal Slag

Coal Slag is a sharp, non-metallic chemically inert media.

aluminum oxide blasting media

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass is an aggressive, low cost abrasive.

Garnet Abrasive


Garnet is a hard, fast cutting and recyclable abrasive.

green diamond blasting media

Green Diamond Abrasive

Green Diamond is a low cost, fast cutting abrasive.

silicon carbide blasting media

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide is a fast cutting and reusable abrasive.

Stainless Steel cut wire

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless Steel Cut Wire is long lasting & reduces machine wear.



Starblast is an aggressive, general-purpose abrasive.

steel grit blasting media

Steel Grit

Steel grit is a low dust and long lasting abrasive.

Round Blast Media

Round blasting media causes minimal metal removal and is used for cleaning and peening applications.

Aluminum Shot

Aluminum Shot

Aluminum Shot is a low dust media that gives a bright finish.

Ceramic Bead blasting Media

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads are a highly reusable blasting media.

Glass Bead blasting Media

Glass Beads

Glass Bead blasting media provides a bright finish.

Stainless Steel cut wire

Stainless Steel Shot

Stainless steel shot is long lasting & provides a clean finish.

Steel Shot

Steel Shot

Steel Shot is a hard and long lasting blast media.

zinc shot

Zinc Shot

Zinc Shot is one of the longest lasting blast abrasives.

Light Blast Media

Light blasting media is safe for sensitive substrates such as composites and is used for cleaning and stripping applications.



Envirostrip is a bio-based wheat starch media.

Starch blasting Media

Envirostrip XL

Envirostrip XL is a bio-based corn starch media.

Starch blasting Media


GPX is a military spec, corn starch media.

Plastic blast Media

Plastic Blast Media

Plastic blast media is a highly reusable abrasive.

Baking Soda blasting media

Baking Soda Blasting Media

Armex baking soda blasting media removes tough coatings.

Corn Cob blasting Media

Corn Cob Blasting Media

Corn Cob blasting media is bio-based and biodegradable.

Walnut blasting Media

Walnut Blasting Media

Walnut shell blasting media is bio-based and biodegradable.

Abrasive Blasting Media Guide

Need help deciding which blasting abrasive is right for your application? Download our free abrasive blasting media guide! This guide breaks down all of our blasting abrasives and compares the hardness, life cycle, and more!

Request A Blast Media Sample

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