Multi-Pass Vibratory Bowls

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Multi-Pass Vibratory Mass Finishing Bowls

Multi-Pass Vibratory Bowls (also known as vibratory tumblers) require minimal manpower while being able to finish large numbers of parts and process them with a combination of media (tumbling rocks) or compounds. These systems are ideal for uniformity, reduced floor space, continuous processing, controlled cycle times, and just-in-time production.

Multi-Pass Vibe Bowls can do a combination (typically 2) of the following processes: burnish, polish, deburr, clean, descale, prepare surfaces, deflash, radiusing, cosmetic finish, inhibit, and more. Midvale Industries has been helping customers setup and adjust their vibratory equipment for several decades.

We also offer mass finishing services at our job shop Finishing Technologies Inc. in Tulsa, OK.

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