Cleaning Room

Midvale provides everything you need to prepare a brand-new casting to be sent off for assembly. We offer equipment that can clean, deburr, grind, or prep the surface for the next application.

shot blasting machine

Wheel Blast Equipment

We offer a full line of Wheel Blast Equipment to get your castings cleaned and prepped for the next step of your assembly or for shipping.

Blasting Abrasives

We offer a variety of blasting abrasives designed to clean, peen or prep metal surfaces. Find the best abrasive for your application.

High Pressure Water Deburring

Midvale offers fully automated high pressure water deburring to boost productivity in your shop.

diamond grinding wheels

Diamond Grinding Wheels

Midvale offers grinding wheels and burrs as well as automated and robotic grinding equipment.

Engineered Process Development

We specialize in developing and implementing fully fledged facility applications. Let our team and lab develop the best cleaning process for your parts or application and we will help engineer it into your facility footprint. An engineered process will boost productivity in your facility and maintain high volumes of output.

Want to improve productivity in your cleaning room?

Let our team help engineer the best solution for you!