Industrial Parts Washers

Midvale Industries offers many types of industrial parts washer equipment including Aqueous Spray Parts Washers and Ultrasonic Parts Washers that come in multiple sizes and configurations. We also offer a variety of chemical cleaning formulations for your parts washer equipment that are designed to remove honing oils, coolants, and more from ferrous or non-ferrous parts.

Aqueous Parts Washer

Aqueous Spray Washers use high pressure water, chemical cleaners, and air knives to wash and dry parts.

Agitation parts Washer

Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Ultrasonic Parts Washers use ultrasonic waves in a mix of water and chemical cleaners to remove dust, dirt, grease, and scale.

vacuum vapor degreaser

Vacuum Vapor Degreaser

A vacuum vapor degreaser cleaning system provides a precise finish to metal parts requiring strict cleanliness specifications.

Cleaning Chemistry

Water based parts cleaning chemistry and parts washer solvent in a variety of formulations for parts washing applications.

Drum Evaporator

Industrial drum evaporators are electrically heated and can operate in batch mode or the optional auto-fill mode to dry your freshly cleaned parts.

Industrial Dryer

Stand-Alone Conveyorized Drying Systems can be integrated into a production line, operating in conjunction with virtually any conveyorized parts washer.

Custom Engineered Parts Washer Equipment

We offer full customization in creating your parts washing process. When you need a full in-line system designed with your current facility set up or you have very unique parts that need a custom cleaning process, we can engineer it.

Does your application need a boost?

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