Modified Blast Cabinets

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modified blasting cabinet

Modified Blast Cabinets are an economical approach to specialized finishing and surface preparation without full robotics and automation. These units use a re-engineering process to create a blast cabinet that meets your process requirements.

If you are confronted with a unique application or want to accelerate production rates through partial automation, Midvale can meet your needs. Discuss your blasting process with a representative to see if a modified cabinet is the right fit for your surface finishing project.

Examples of Modified Options:

  • Parts Hoist System
  • Multiple Blast Ports
  • Auto Open Doors
  • Blast Table Slide Outs
  • Powered and/or Tilted Blast Table
  • And More!

Examples of Modified Blast Cabinets:

Modified blast Cabinet
modified sandblast cabinet
modified blasting cabinet
modified blasting cabinet

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