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Hi-Vac Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuum systems help provide a clean, safe environment for your workers while maintaining OSHA regulations. Midvale supplies high quality industrial vacuum systems that are used to clean up or transport a wide variety of wet and dry materials including aggregates, powders, sand, dust, slurries, and liquids. Our highly versatile industrial vacuum systems and loaders are used in a wide variety of applications and locations. Locations include power plants, chemical plants, glass manufacturing, cement facilities, foundries and various manufacturing facilities where safety, efficiency, recycling, environmental compliance, and effective material management are critical. Vacuums are available as portable or stationary systems.

Types of Material Removed: wood/sawdust, fiberglass, insulation, carbon black, lime, soda ash, fly ash, paper products, powdered clay, titanium dioxide, coal, sand, shot, cement, bricks, alumina, steel/aluminum chips, cullet, gypsum, and other heavy materials.

Each system can have one of three types of hoppers: End Dump Hopper, Bottom Dump Hopper or Intercept Hopper.

There are other equipment options for our industrial vacuums such as ladders, platforms, catwalks, wheels, trailers, explosion vents & proofing, control & safety items and different filter options.

Portable Industrial Vacuums

Portable vacuum units are for multi-area, medium to small volume plant cleaning applications. These machines provide flexibility within a facility.

Stationary Industrial Vacuums

Stationary vacuum units are for production or processing areas where continuous, high volume cleaning is required.

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