Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Mass Finishing

Vibratory finishing equipment, or mass finishing, provides large batch finishing processes for a multitude of parts. These systems reduce labor and cut down on the total processing time spent on parts. There is a variety of vibratory equipment, media and compound to accomplish your mass finishing. We can help you find the right combination for your mass finishing applications including: clean, deburr, deflash, descale, burnish, brighten, polish, surface harden, rust removal, radius.

Vibratory Bowl

Vibratory finishing bowls require minimal manpower and are able to finish many parts in a single cycle. There are other custom add ons available to boost production.

Combo Vibratory Bowl

The combo vibratory bowl provides two applications in one unit – cleaning and drying. This frees up valuable floor space and increases production speed.

Vibratory Tub

Vibratory tubs are an economical mass finishing option for small to large parts. There are larger tubs to fit one large piece or compact tubs for small batches.

Spindle Finishing

Spindle finishing uses a spinning tub of media and is designed for parts that: cannot have part-on-part contact, high value parts, or where a single part flow is needed.

Multi-Pass Vibratory Bowl

Multi-Pass Vibratory Bowls can do a combination of finishing processes. These systems are ideal for uniformity, reduced floor space, continuous processing, controlled cycle times, and just-in-time production.

Roto-Max High Energy Finishing

The Roto-Max® line are a series of high energy centrifugal energy machines. This smooth and continuous motion produces an energy level up to 15 times greater than normal vibratory finishing systems.

Centrifugal Barrel Finishing

High Energy and Centrifugal Finishing systems require minimal manpower while being able to process parts up to 15 times faster than traditional vibratory finishing. They are the fastest method for mass finishing small parts.

high energy mass finishing equipment

Gemini Vortex High Energy Finishing

The Gemini® Vortex machines feature an integral drive. This drive offers lower maintenance, higher frequency and a faster process time. These machines also feature faster material removal than conventional vibratory machines.

Tumbling Media & Compound

Midvale Industries offers a broad line of vibratory media and compounds for a variety of mass finishing processes. Vibratory media and compounds are both critical to achieving a consistent and precise finish. Vibratory media options include steel, ceramic, plastic and corn cob drying media. Vibratory compounds for burnishing, cleaning, deburring, descaling and inhibiting.

Steel Vibratory Media
ceramic vibratory media
vibratory compound

Vibratory Equipment Urethane Relining & Repair

Industrial equipment goes through normal wear and tear over years of use. Replacing a machine can be costly, especially when repairs or re-lining your vibratory bowl can get it worked just like new. Contact our team if your vibratory finishing bowl needs the urethane lining repaird. We can replace normal wear and tear items in the process.

tumbling machine rebuild

What is Mass Finishing?

Mass finishing is a group of manufacturing processes that allow large quantities of parts to be simultaneously finished. The goal of this type of finishing is to burnish, deburr, clean, radius, de-flash, descale, remove rust, polish, brighten, surface harden or prepare parts for further finishing. The two main types of mass finishing are tumble finishing (also known as barrel finishing) and vibratory finishing. Both involve the use of a cyclical action to create grinding contact between surfaces. Occasionally the workpieces are finished against each other; however, a finishing medium is typically used. Mass finishing can be performed dry or wet. Wet processes have liquid lubricants, cleaners, or abrasives, while dry processes do not.

Custom Engineered Mass Finishing Systems

We design and engineer full mass finishing systems with pass through capabilities to streamline your facility. Talk to our team and let us build a more efficient process for your mass finishing applications!