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Industrial Blast Rooms

Blast Rooms are used when equipment or parts become too large to fit into a standard blast cabinet. In a Blast Room, an operator in protective clothing and a respirator blasts parts with recyclable blast media that is reclaimed through a floor grate or trough.


  • Blast Rooms typically use recyclable media from steel shot or grit, to light abrasives such as corn starch (EnviroStrip or GPx) or Type VII plastic.
  • Blast Rooms are available in many sizes and with numerous options. From small pre-engineered rooms, to large custom built rooms as well as a variety of floor configurations.
  • Blast Rooms can be used for blasting large equipment and parts.
  • We have set up large and small systems for the military, railroad, automotive and commercial aerospace industries.
abrasive blast room
blast room

Industrial Blast Rooms Options:

Custom Designed Industrial Blast Rooms

Fully customized to meet your blast facility needs

Pre-Assembled Industrial Blast Rooms

Standardized blast facility with quick turnaround

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