Mold & Core Making

Create quality metal castings with our mold & core making equipment and supplies. Providing sands, riser aids, mold sealer, mold making equipment, coatings, additives, binders & more. Avoid any OSHA PEL concerns by converting to one of our many silica free mold and core sands.

Green Diamond Molding Sand

Molding sand that comes in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous options in multiple screens.


GDC Shell Core Sand

Core making sand that can be coated or mixed to fit your foundry needs.


Ceramic Mold & Core Sand

Ceramic casting sand that is manufactured and shipped from the United States.


Resin Coated Sand

Resin coated core sand that comes in various sizes and blends for your foundry needs.

riser sleeves

Riser Sleeves & Aids

We offer a variety of riser sleeves, mini riser sleeves and riser aids to fit your foundry process.

Pumpable Mold Sealer

Prevent runout with this high-strength mold sealer and reduce production costs and waste.

Coatings & Release Agents

We offer core & mold coatings and parting & release agents for multiple processes.

Sand Binders

Midvale offers premium sand binders that have been developed using a unique continuous blending process.

Sand & Core Additives

Midvale carries Mudding Compounds, Core Pastes and other additives.

Over 120 Years of Experience

Midvale Industries has been supplying the Foundry Industry since 1901. We are backed by extensive research and experience, both working with foundry employees and as foundry employees.

Our line of mold and core making supplies have been tested by our employees and others to ensure we’re providing you with the correct materials to produce quality castings. We see castings as the backbone of industry, and are here to provide you with the tools to create strong, quality products.

Having Issues With Casting Defects?

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