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Elkem Metal Alloys

Whether it’s a ferrous or non-ferrous foundry, adding high quality metal alloys are critical for developing good melts and producing quality castings. Midvale carries a full line of Elkem Ductile and Gray Iron metal alloys that include MgFeSi (magnesium ferrosilicon), nodularizers, high performance inoculants, preconditioners, conditioner alloys, and cover alloys.

Utilizing quality alloys allows the control of graphite size and shape, influence the ferrite/pearlite matrix ration, eliminate surface chill and internal carbides, minimize shrinkage, optimize mechanical properties, and increase machinability.

Inoculant Alloys

Inoculants will maximize chill reduction, increase machinability and help reduce shrinkage. Here are some inoculant options:

  • TopSeed
  • Bisnoc
  • Vaxon
  • Alinoc
  • Foundrisil
  • Superseed
  • Superseed Extra
  • Ultraseed
  • Ferrosilicon

Nodularizer Alloys

Nodulizing alloys are ideal for reducing shrinkage and help reduce nodulization costs. Here are some nodularizer options:


  • Elmag
  • Lamet
  • CompactMag
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Select The Best Alloy For Ductile Iron

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Midvale Industries is a proud member of the AFS (American Foundry Society), FEF (Foundry Educational Foundation), Ductile Iron Society, NADCA (North American Die Casting Association) and the NFFS (Non-Ferrous Founders' Society).

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