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Resin Coated Sands

resin coated shells and
Midvale Industries offers Atwater General’s Shell Fast 2 resin coated sands.  Shell Fast 2 is a proven proprietary manufactured resin coated sand that cures fast and even, can reduce core box temperatures up to 75 degrees, decreases odor and smoke compared to other phenol/ammonia based products, provides rapid shakeout, and uses up to 25% less sand for the same volume of cores than typical resin coated sands.

Shell Fast 2 Resin Coated Sand are available in several different sizes, shapes, blends, and sand types.  These sands types include Green Diamond Sand Wisconsin St. Peter Silica, Artificial Lake Sand, Chromite, Zircon, Fused Silica,  Carbo Ceramic, and more. There is no minimum order on sands (packaging is in 500 lbs and 3600 lbs  bulk bags with loose bulk truckloads available) with standard lead times of only 4 days.


  • Faster Curing Times
  • Uses Less Sand Per Volume of Cores
  • Can Reduce Core Box Temperatures up to 75 degrees
  • Reduced Smoke with a Deodorizer Option Available
  • Standard 4 Day Lead Time
  • Mixed Truckloads Available
  • No Minimum Order Required (except on Zircon and Chromite Sands)
  • Addresses PEL Limits with Green Diamond Sand Option


Midvale Industries has worked closely with resin coater Atwater General and sand vendors like Green Diamond Sand to create a premium resin coated sand products that outperforms traditional competitive products.   We also offer high quality silica green diamond blends, pure resin coated silica as well as other resin coated sand products.

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