Paint Spray Guns

Find the Right Spray Gun For Your Application

Midvale Industries offers a wide line paint spray guns that will provide you with an even coating on all your projects. We carry multiple types of spray guns ranging from general contractor use to high end coating spray guns.

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Airless Spray Guns

Airless Spray Guns provide the quality finish at a fast rate so you can cover more surface area in less time. Our wide selection of Airless Spray Guns are durable and spray at optimal performance – keeping you painting longer.


Consistent Performance

Reduced Gun Spitting

Ideal for: General Contractors

Contractor PC

Lightweight design

Designed for maximum flow

Ideal for: General Contractors

Contractor FTx

Economical & Reliable

4-finger Trigger

Ideal for: General Contractors

Silver Plus

Long Lasting

Comfortable Design

Ideal for: Protective Coatings, Paint

Heavy-Duty Texture

Oversized Fluid Path

4-finger Trigger

Ideal for: Heavy Coatings & Joint Compounds


Comfort Grip

On-Board Tools

Ideal for: General Contractors


Fingerprint Grip

Ultra-Light Trigger

Ideal for: General Contractors


All Day Trigger

Comfortable Design

Ideal for: General Contractors

XTR 5 & 7

Compact Design

Variety of Trigger Options

Ideal for: Protective Coatings


Easy To Maintain

Rugged & Reliable

Ideal for: Protective Coatings

Air-Assisted Airless Spray Guns

Air-Assisted Airless Paint Spray Guns are the optimal choice when spraying a fine finish coating on large surface areas while maintaining great spray control. Our selection of air-assist spray guns are designed to maximize your performance.

G15 & G40

Exceptional Spray Quality

 Long Lasting & Reliable

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings

GM 3600

Inline Filter for Clean Coatings

Stainless Steel Fluid Passage

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings

Conventional Spray Guns

Conventional Paint Spray Guns are made for general purpose paint spraying for when you need to spray multiple types of coatings throughout a job. These spray guns are versatile, long-lasting and provide a consistent finish.


Gravity or Pressure Feed

Light Trigger Pull

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings


Gravity or Pressure Feed

Even Distribution

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings


Simplified Flow Control

Form-Fitted Handle Stays Cool

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings

Maxum Elite

Gravity or Siphon Feed

Indexed Air & Fluid Controls

Ideal for: Fine Finish Coatings

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