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Mudding Compounds 


Freedom Silver and White Core Daubs are premium products with the properties needed by ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.  There are two formulations:

  1. Silver daub for iron and non-ferrous applications
  2. White daub for steel applications


The advantages of the Freedom Core Daubs over competing products include:

  • No shrinkage when it dries
  • Ease of application with no peel back when applied
  • Long open time before application

Adhesive and Core Pastes


Novis Adhesives and Freedom Core Pastes – Several Adhesives and Core Pastes are available for varied applications.  Novis Works offers 3 SonicStik products for high strength applications and are available in 32 oz bottles and 5 gallon pails:


  • SonicStik – Acetone based adhesive with high strength and fast drying
  • SonicStik R – Acetone based adhesive with high strength and faster drying time for core process line applications
  • SonicStik M – Acetone based adhesive with increased hot strength during pouring
  • Freedom Core Paste is designed for no-bake mold parting line applications with slower drying times. It is available in pail and drum quantities.

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