Sand & Core Additives

Midvale provides sand additives that have been engineered to reduce costs and effectively produce quality castings in the foundry.

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Sand Additives

Engineered Sand Additives are formulated to reduce or eliminate veining and increase penetration resistance in cores and molds produced with chemically-bonded sand. Silica sand expansion is considered a main contributing factor with veining in castings. HyperADD products are formulated using a blend of organic and inorganic technology to optimize casting quality.

Mudding Compounds and Core Pastes

Freedom Silver Daubs are built for for iron and non-ferrous applications and White Core Daubs are for steel applications. Freedom Foundry Products are premium products that are cost-effective and have been used by foundries all around the country to create value for a fraction of the price of competing products.

Key Benefits:

  • Benefits of Freedom Daubs include no shrinkage when dry and they do not peel back when being applied
  • Freedom Core Pastes are available in bulk packaging and competitively priced

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