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Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine

Wire mesh belt shot blast equipment requires an operator or robot to load the parts onto a manganese mesh belt while the blaster does the work. There is no need for opening and closing doors. By flowing these parts within the blast envelope, these machines deliver consistent results while working non-stop in a multi-shift production facility. This process may require an additional operator depending on how well it’s organized.

Whether you are cleaning or removing flash from die-cast parts, this is a great option for automating and streamlining your shot blast process.


  • Mesh belts come in varying sizes
  • Versatile, rugged systems that deliver consistent, repeatable results
  • Made in the U.S.A.
shot blasting machine
shot blasting machine
shot blasting machine

Deburring Application

Watch this short video of a deburring application using a wire mesh wheel blast machine.

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