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Industrial  Drum Evaporator

Industrial  drum evaporator including DE-2 (200 gallons per 5-day week) and DE-4 (400 gallons per 5 day week) are drum evaporators that are electrically heated and can operate in batch mode or the optional auto-fill mode. A great advantage of drum evaporators are that they dry residue while processing waste in a way so that the material does not have to be scraped or removed from the evaporation vessel. Since a 55-gallon drum is used as the Drum Evaporator vessel, it can simply be capped and hauled for disposal.

Efficiently dewaters small volume waste streams

Can also operate in dryer mode and reduce moist solids to a dry, landfill eligible pile of solids

Waste streams too concentrated for traditional evaporators

drum evaporator
drum evaporator

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