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Foundry Release Agents

Midvale Industries stocks many different types of foundry release agents and mold partings for both automated and manual molding systems. Partings are available for use in coldbox, sodium silicate, no-bake, shell, and in green sand systems. There are formulations that are designed for low VOC emissions, odor free, and designed to be longer lasting than traditional partings. Freedom green sand parting is specially designed to improve pattern release and reduce build up on patterns. Freedom Foundry Products are premium products that are cost-effective and used by foundries around the country. They are a fraction of the price of competitor’s products.

  • We offer a variety of partings including no-bake, liquid, non-silica and silica, green sand additive, odor free, and more
  • Depending on the formulation, Freedom Parting and Release Agents can be used in no-bake, coldbox, sodium silicate systems, and more
  • Freedom Partings clean the pattern as it releases and require less material per application

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