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Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Equipment

Spinner hanger shot blast machines are an ideal solution for batch blasting parts that are either too fragile or awkward for traditional types of finishing. Utilizing custom fixtures, you can hang a batch or oddly shaped parts to all be blasted at one time. Load parts into one hanger while the other hanger of parts is being blasted.

These systems play a profit-boosting role across a broad range of metal intensive industries by improving quality and efficiency during the cleaning, peening, prepping and finishing of work pieces. Hanger capacities from 125 to 2,000 pounds fit most applications.

  • Speed batch blasting of sensitive parts
  • Deliver 360° workpiece coverage
  • Continue working during loading
  • Cast liners on chamber walls
  • Multiple indexing
  • PLC programmed

For large parts, hoists can be added on to easily load and unload the part into the blast chamber.

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Midvale carries a full selection of shot blasting and peening media for use in wheel blast equipment, including:

Steel Shot
Zinc Shot
Steel Grit
Stainless Steel Cut Wire