Air Blast Equipment

Midvale carries a diverse selection of air blast equipment that will provide the best outcome for your application. We offer systems by Clemco Industries, Empire Abrasive Equipment, and Schmidt Abrasive. Blast Cabinets are available in many sizes with numerous options to suit about any application or budget. 

Blast Cabinets

Blast Cabinets are a closed loop system that allows the operator to blast a particular  part while recycling the abrasive. 

Portable Blast Pots

Blast Pot Systems come in various configurations from outdoor use to systems designed for use with blast cabinets and blast rooms.

Blast Rooms

Blast Rooms are used when equipment or parts become too large to fit into a standard blast cabinet.

Automated Air Blast Equipment

Automated Air Blast Systems provide custom blasting options for unique parts and reduce the need for manual labor.

Robotic Air Blast Equipment

Robotic Air Blasting Systems are specially designed for precision blasting applications, repeatability, and consistency.

Blast & Recovery Systems

Blast & Recovery Systems let you reclaim and reuse recyclable media providing an overall reduction in cost.

Engineered Process Development

Our team of technically trained staff will work with you to test and develop the best process for your blasting application. We will test and suggest which media, blast nozzle, type of equipment, blasting pressure, stand-off distance and blast angle to use to provide the desired surface finish.

Increase Production Levels with Automation in Your Blasting Process

Let our team help engineer the best solution for you!