Air Blast Equipment

Abrasive Blasting Equipment

Midvale carries a diverse selection of air blast equipment that will provide the best outcome for your application. We offer systems by Clemco Industries, Empire Abrasive Equipment, and Schmidt Abrasive. Blast Cabinets are available in many sizes with numerous options to suit about any application or budget. 

Automated Blasting Equipment

Automated blast systems provide a streamlined manufacturing process while reducing EHS concerns.

Robotic Blasting Equipment

Robotic blast systems are custom designed for precision blasting applications, repeatability, and consistency.

Industrial Blasting Room

Industrial blast rooms are used when equipment or parts become too large to fit into a standard blast cabinet.

Abrasive Blast & Recovery Systems

Abrasive blast & recovery systems save money by reclaiming and reusing recyclable media.

Abrasive Blast Cabinets

Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Abrasive blast cabinets provide a closed loop blast system that can hold different sized and shaped parts, providing diverse blasting capabilities.

Soda Blasting Cabinet

Soda blasting cabinets are designed specifically for the use of sodium bicarbonate media which is non-toxic and soft, making it ideal for delicate substrates.

Modified Blast Cabinet

Modified blast cabinets use a re-engineering process to meet your  blasting process requirements that is more economical than full automation.

Cellular Blast Cabinet

Cellular Blast Cabinets conserve floor space and fit into your cellular machining process while providing the highest quality finish for your parts.

There are two main types of blast cabinet systems:
Pressure Blast Cabinets

Pressure Cabinets hold the media in a pressurized vessel and meter the media into a flow of compressed air. The media is processed in a single, heavy-gauge hose where the blast particles are accelerated throughout its length.

Advantages of Pressure Blast Cabinets:
Greater media velocity
Moves more media
More productive
Greater standoff distance

Disadvantages of Pressure Blast Cabinet:
Higher capital equipment costs
Higher maintenance costs

Suction Blast Cabinets

Suction blast cabinets are distinguished by having two hoses (one for air and one for abrasive) running to the blast gun.

Advantages of Suction Blast Cabinet:
Lower capital equipment cost
Easier maintenance
Less air and abrasive demand
Continuous blasting

Disadvantages of Suction Blast Cabinet:
Frequent Media Changes
Limited Repeatability

Engineered Process Development

Our team of technically trained staff will work with you to test and develop the best process for your blasting application. We will test and suggest which media, blast nozzle, type of equipment, blasting pressure, stand-off distance and blast angle to use to provide the desired surface finish.

We treat each blasting operation as a unique opportunity.

Let our team help engineer the best solution for you!