Pressure Washers

Pressure washing or power washing is the growing practice of cleaning using high pressure water spraying. The high pressure water spraying is achieved by specially designed pumps. This type of cleaning is many times more powerful than the pressure that comes out of a typical garden hose. If you choose to use on concrete it removes mold and mildew, bubble gum, and other dirt stains. Also, pressure washing can make wooden decks look like new. Pressure washers are also commonly used by homeowners to improve the appearance of aluminum or vinyl siding by removing pollution, mildew, and other signs of neglect.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers are ideal for general washing away of dirt and debris from your surface area.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are ideal for washing away of grease, grime and most other contaminents.

Pressure Washer Trailers

For the ultimate in portability: Trailer units are used by heavy construction contractors, well drillers, road builders, and more.

Pressure washer Accessories

Midvale offers a full line of pressure washer accessories to upgrade your equipment or to keep it running at peak condition.

Abrasive Injector

An economical wet blasting option for those with existing power washing equipment.  It can remove coatings from steel and concrete surfaces and be used on rust, paint, stains, and graffiti.

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