Aerospace Coating Removal

Aerospace Coating Removal

Our starch abrasives are designed to remove tough aircraft coatings without damaging the most sensitive substrates. Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM ®) EnviroStrip ®, EnviroStrip®XL and eStrip® GPX Type VII plastic dry stripping media protects sensitive surfaces such as thin skinned aluminum, carbon fiber, and composites against damage during dry stripping.

Biobased abrasives have a self-sharpening crystalline structure that insures consistent cutting capability throughout the product’s life.  These abrasives are less damaging and longer lasting compared to traditional plastic media blasting (pmb) abrasives.




  • eStrip media is classified as USAF Type VII starch-g-acrylic media and is manufactured to meet the USAF MIL-P-85891 requirement
  • Biobased starch media is a replacement for traditional methods including chemical stripping and machine hand sanding
  • Less damaging than traditional PMB Blasting
  • Starch abrasives remove coatings 8 to 10 times faster than hand sanding
  • Ideal for thin skinned aluminum and composite flight controls, airframes, blades, and more
  • Established record of success with composite tool and mold cleaning applications
  • Adhesive squeeze out removal from metal to metal, metal to composite and composite to composite
  • Midvale Environmental Technologies has been recognized along with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Aircraft and Supply Center for eliminating their blasting facilities hazardous waste and reducing disposal costs
  • State and EPA Approved Recycling and Continuous Use Programs in place throughout the country
  • Our mobile demo lab is fully equipped with a blast room and can process your sample parts or help get your staff trained properly on how to use starch abrasives (corn hybrid polymers) at your facility
  • Starch is a renewable resource product

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