Vibratory Bowl

Vibratory Tumbler Bowl

Vibratory Finishing Bowls (also known as vibratory tumblers) require minimal manpower while being able to finish many parts in a single cycle. The system is loaded with vibratory media (most commonly ceramic, steel, or plastic), chemical compound, and parts that need finishing. The parts are then vibrated and move through  a circular channel with vibratory media or tumbling rock. Grinding or polishing takes place until the desired result is achieved on the parts. This process is used to burnish, polish, deburr, clean, descale, prepare surfaces, deflash, radiusing, cosmetic finish, inhibit, and more.


  • Able to mass finish several parts in a single cycle with only loading and unloading required (some units have built-in unloading capabilities)
  • Available multiple sizes and for almost any budget

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