Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths and Finishing Environments

Midvale offers efficient, high-quality and ecologically friendly spray paint booths and finishing environments engineered for your application. We partner with Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) to meet the unique needs of every customer with pre-engineered and custom solutions for your paint application. Our line of spray paint booths and finishing environments are available for the following industries:

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Paint Booth Options:

Large Equipment Spray Booth

Large Equipment Paint Booths are designed for long-lasting performance and constructed of heavy-duty materials for unrivaled structural integrity. These spray booths are designed to move large pieces of equipment through for an efficient painting process.

Enclosed Spray Booth

Enclosed spray booths have high-efficiency filtered intake doors to provide a safe, cost-effective finishing environment for producing quality paint finishes. The filtered doors prevent dirt and dust from entering the paint booth for cleaner paint jobs with less rework.

Open Face Paint Booth

Open face paint booths are an economic and efficient option for a variety of painting applications. The open face feature allows for multiple sizes of parts to be easily moved in and out.

Aircraft Spray Booth

Aircraft Paint Booths are designed for high-performance military, commercial and business aircraft painting applications. Our Aircraft Paint Booths are custom designed for the aircraft you are painting, ensuring excellent airflow, filtration, temperature, humidity and contamination control for the precise application of aircraft coatings.

Paint Kitchens

Paint Mixing and Storage Rooms provide a controlled area for safely mixing paint. These units are engineered for easy nut-and-bolt, on-site assembly. Our Industrial Paint Mix Rooms also contain a convenient 4 in. deep, built-in containment base for potential spills.

Bench Spray Booth

Bench spray booths are an economic option for safely painting small products. Models are available with an integrated raised bench or designed to be placed on a countertop to make painting small parts easy and accessible.

global finishing solutions distributor

Midvale Industries is a proud distributor of industrial paint booths, parts, and accessories for Global Finishing Solutions.

Ready to Install Your Spray Booth?

Talk to our technically trained team today to find the right spray booth for your application. We will help you in every step of the process from engineering, facility planning, installation and operator training.