Abrasive Blast Recovery System

Abrasive blast recovery systems are a vital component for your return on investment (ROI). Blast recovery allows you to fully recover and re-use sandblasting media, saving you costs on lost media. Most blast recover systems function on  pneumatic systems or on a vacuum system. Midvale offers multiple options for sandblast media recovery whether it is for contained blasting in a facility (portable or built-in) or on a mobile job site.

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Schmidt Blast and Recovery Systems

Mobile Job Site Blast and Recovery

Schmidt blast and recovery systems (BRS) are designed for when open-air blasting is prohibited or not a viable option. These units allow you to blast and recover the abrasive and other contaminants at the same time while blasting in an outdoor environment. These units function on a vacuum system.

There are 3 main lines of the Schmidt BRS:

  • MiniBRS – Wheel-cart mounted for easy maneuverability.
  • BRS – Portable wheel-cart or skid system.
  • BRS II – Skid system designed for heavy duty and high production rates.

These abrasive blast and recover systems blasts then recover spent abrasives, contaminants and dust in the same step, eliminating the need for containment.

mini blast recovery system
mini blast recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system

Pneumatic Blast and Recovery Systems

Contained Abrasive Blast and Recovery

Pneumatic Blast & Recovery System (PRS) and Mechanical Recovery Systems can tap the cost-saving advantages of durable media for a modest investment. PRS allows you to proceed to recyclable media, such as aluminum oxide, chilled iron and steel grit. These medias can be used effectively over and over – from 6 to 200 times. The result is usually an attractive return on investment in media savings alone.

Reusable media is also faster acting and less dusty, meaning you get the additional advantages of increased productivity and a cleaner working environment. With the PRS, you can move blasting operations into enclosures to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. And, because the PRS recycles good media while removing dust and fines, blasting results are more consistent.

We offer PRS and Mechanical systems from Empire Abrasive Equipment and Clemco Industries.

blast recovery system
Blast and Recovery Systems
blast recovery system

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