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Sand Casting Binders

Midvale offers premium sand casting binder formulations that have been developed using a unique continuous blending process to ensure your molds and cores have a strong bond at minimal cost.

Main types of sand casting binders:

Phenolic Urethane No Bake System 

A Phenolic-urethane no-bake resin sand binder system uses a liquid catalyst as the curing component. The products are formulated to deliver optimal core/mold properties and economical benefits by allowing the operator to use a minimal amount of catalyst for complete core/mold cure.


Key Benefits:

  • Less Resin Usage per Core/Mold
  • High Tensile System with Low Catalyst Usage
  • Most Accurate Manufacturing Process In the Industry
  • Very Low Formaldehyde Level – Non-Recordable
  • Stable Sourcing and Pricing

Epoxy/Acrylic SO2 Cold Box System

Two Epoxy/Acrylic SO2 cured cold box sand binder products have multiple benefits for the user in many ferrous and non-ferrous applications as well as coarse aggregates.


Key Benefits:

  • Increased Front-end Tensile Development
  • Most Accurate Manufacturing Process In the Industry
  • Improved Humidity Resistance
  • Higher Hot Strength

Midvale is a proud distributor of Sand Binders from:

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