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Monorail Shot Blasting Machine

The monorail shot blast equipment is a fully automated system designed for 24 hour production. Systems are typically used in applications blasting heavier parts at higher rates. Blast systems are easily integrated into the rest of the production flow such as paint lines.

These systems offer the ability to utilize a blast machine in conjunction with other machines. This automates a process reducing high labor costs associated with batch type blasters. They come in many different blast envelopes.

These rugged machines can automate your process while  cleaning or removing flash from die-cast parts. This is a great option for automating and streamlining your shot blast process.

Midvale Industries and Gibson Abrasive Equipment work with end users to determine which system meets their needs. This is based on many factors, including cleaning requirements, profile requirements, and production requirements.

shot blasting machine
monorail shot blast equipment

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Midvale carries a full selection of shot blasting and peening media for use in wheel blast equipment, including:

Steel Shot
Zinc Shot
Steel Grit
Stainless Steel Cut Wire