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Foundry Crucibles

Offering  foundry crucibles in a variety of shapes, sizes and compositions to meet the needs of your melt application. Whether you’re needing high conductivity for your induction furnace or high durability for your gas/oil or electric resistance furnace, we have options for you. Work with our team and find the best match for your foundry.

Foundry Crucible Shapes:

  • A Shape
  • Basin
  • Bowl
  • Cylinder
  • Bilge (non-induction)
  • Tilt

Multiple size options available, call for details.


Foundry Crucible Materials

  • Silicon Carbide – Highly durable to the gas, oil and electric resistance furnaces; and high conductivity for your low frequency tilting induction furnaces.
  • Clay Graphite – Ideal for high frequency tilting induction furnaces. Select applications in the precious metals market for gas furnaces.
  • ProCarbon – A hybrid used for holding or low viscosity alloys.

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