Polishing & Buffing Equipment

Midvale Industries offers a broad line of polishing and buffing equipment. This equipment includes robotic and automated systems as well as simple effective manual polishing lathes to suit any size manufacturing facility. Equipment options include variable frequency drives, back stands, hoods, a wide range of motor sizes as well as several built-in standard safety features.

Polishing is typically achieved by either mass finishing or belting a part to remove parting lines and/or casting scale while buffing uses a compound that is applied to a fabric work wheel to smoothen or brighten the workpiece.

robotic grinding and polishing

Robotic Polishing and Buffing Solutions

Custom robotic solutions for polishing and buffing applications. Partner with our engineers to design a system that will increase output, produce consistent quality finishes, and eliminate EHS concerns.

Robotic Lean Finishing Cell

Robotic finishing cell that can be equipped for hand tool deburring, belting, brushing, buffing or any combination of these metal finishing processes. Designed for single-part flow in a small foot print.

Manual Polishing and Buffing Solutions:

grinding lathe

Polishing and Buffing Lathe

Heavy duty finishing lathe built to last. These units can be customized and flexible on the wheels being used for your finishing processes.

  • Can be equipped with abrasive belts, flap wheels, scotchbrite wheels or belts
  • Motor Options – 5,7,10 & 15 HP
  • Single and Dual Drives Available
  • Made in the U.S.A
    flat metal finishing

    Flat Finishing System

    Flat finishers are designed for finishing flat parts efficiently and effectively while providing the ability to continuously process parts. Standard equipment on most flat finishing equipment includes an abrasive conveyor belt; variable speed conveyor drive; steel platen; one urethane-coated upper pulley and one steel or neoprene contact roll per head; and single hold-down rolls. Flat Finisher Abrasive Belt Heads are built in 6″ and 12″ widths. Manual tracking is also provided for original orientation of the belt. 

    • Designed to finish flat surfaces, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, wood, and more
    • Designed for stock removal, fine finishing, deburring, and scale and oxide removal applications
    • Several types and sizes available (including planetary head finishers and automated systems)
    OD Cylindrical Finisher

    OD Cylindrical Finishing

    Outside diameter cylinder finishers are designed to polish and buff the outside of round and cylindrical parts using a wide variety of media. These systems come in various sizes.

    • Designed to finish the outside diameter of shafts, tubes, rods, and other round parts
    • Capabilities include buffing, brushing, and polishing with a wide variety media
    • Both wet and dry processing configurations options are available

      Robotic Solutions Designed For You

      Our team of engineers will design a robotic solution that will improve current processes in the most economic way. Talk to our team and get started today.

      Polishing and Buffing Equipment Examples:

      robotic grinding and polishing
      grinding lathe
      automated Polishing and Buffing
      cylindrical finishing
      lathe finishing tool
      OD Cylindrical Finisher
      robotic metal finishing system