Silica Free Foundry Sand

Ensure you are within OSHA standards for silica exposure by converting to using silice free foundry sand in your mold and core process. Utilizing sand that doesn’t contain silica greatly reduces employee risk as well as avoiding any fines related to the silica exposure personal exposure limits (PEL) set by OSHA. Our selection of  silicra free sands also provide a number of benefits including:

Eliminate OSHA PEL Concerns

Quality Finished Casting

Reduction In Energy Costs

GDC Shell Core Sand

About GDC Shell Core Sand

GDC Shell Core Sand is a resin coated sand that contains zero crystalline silica. The application for this sand is with core making.

Cures Up To 40% Faster Than Traditional Resin Coated Sands
Reduced Odor & Smoke
Lower Core Box Temperatures
Reduced Sand Usage By Up To 10% - 25%

Green Diamond Molding Sand

About Green Diamond Molding Sand

Green Diamond Foundry Sand is available in ferrous and non-ferrous foundry grade sands and is the ideal silica free replacement for olivine and silica sands for molding and coremaking.

Greater Durability Than Both Olivine and Western Silica Sands
Lower Pouring Temperatures
Can Be Pre-Mulled with Clay Additives

Ceramic Mold & Core Sand

About Ceramic Mold & Core Sand

Our Ceramic Mold & Core Sand is manufactured and shipped from the USA. This ceramic sand is made from a bauxite based material which produces hard particles that last longer than other ceramic medias on the market.

Lower Co-Efficient Of Expansion
Magnetic Iron Content is Less Than 0.06%
Can Withstand A Higher Heat Capacity

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