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diamond cut off wheels

Diamond Cut Off Wheels

Midvale offers electroplated diamond ginding wheels for robotic or hand grinding applications and diamond grinding burrs for hand grinding applications. Our diamond cut off wheels are specifically designed for ductile and gray iron foundry grinding applications.

Diamond Grinding Wheel and Burr Product Options:

  • Portable Type 1, Type 6, and Type 27
  • Stand Grinding Wheels
  • Cut Off Wheels
  • Burrs
  • Wheels for Robotic Cells

Key Benefits:

  • Increased Safety – solid body
  • Can run safely at higher speeds
  • Increased cutting action with better ergonomics
  • Longer wheel life and higher productivity
  • Virtually no airborne particles

Benefits of Electroplated Diamond Grinding Wheels:

  • Increased safety – solid wheel body will not break or come apart due to rough handling or over-speeding
  • Increased cutting action leads to better ergonomics and less operator fatigue
  • Longer wheel life, resulting in lower lifetime costs
  • No loss of wheel diameter
  • No dressing required
  • Virtually no measurable airborne particles released

Benefits of Electroplated Diamond Grinding Burrs:

  • Up to 5 times longer life span than carbide burrs
  • Excellent to remove burnt-on sand
  • Customized shapes available
  • Better ergonomics result in less operator fatigue
  • Coarse, medium and fine grit diamond sizes available
diamond grinding wheels

Why Use Diamond Grinding Wheels?

Read an article from a 3rd generation foundryman on the benefits of using diamond grinding wheels in the foundry cleaning room.

diamond grinding wheel
diamond grinding wheel
diamond grinding wheel

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