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Midvale Industries is your one stop shop for replacement blast parts and accessories. Whether you’re using a blast cabinet, blast room or blasting outdoors, we have the parts you need to keep your equipment running!

We carry many items in stock for quick and easy delivery.

sandblast nozzles

Blast Nozzles

Midvale offers a wide selection of sandblast nozzles varying in size, shape, and material. Some material options include: ceramic, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, boron carbide, composite carbide, and more.

sandblaster hose

Blast Hose

Midvale offers a wide selection of sandblaster hose varying in size, ply strength, and composition to meet your blasting needs. Blast hose size is an important decision to increase the longevity of the hose.

wheel blast parts

Shot Blast Parts

Offering a selection of replacement wheel blast parts for Gibson Wheel Blast Equipment and high wear parts for other major wheel blast brands. 

Options include:

  • Elevator Belts
  • Blades
  • Buckets
  • And More!
aluminum coupling

Blast Hose Couplings

Blast hose couplings are designed to easily screw onto the correct size blast hose to provide a secure connection. Standard sizes available.

Options include:

  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

Reduce blast hose wear by using the correct sized coupling and nozzle holder. We’ve put together this helpful chart to connect the sizes.

aluminum nozzle holder

Blast Nozzle Holders

Blast nozzle holders are designed to easily screw onto the correct size blast hose to provide a secure connection to the blast nozzle. Standard sizes available.

Options include:

  • Nylon
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
Metering Grit Valve

Abrasive Metering Valves

Midvale stocks OEM metering valves ready for pick up or to be shipped. Choosing the right metering valve will ensure you have control on your abrasive flow. This will increase blast productivity, reduce media waste, and cut down on time being spent making adjustments.

Options include:

  • Combo Valve
  • Micro Valve
  • Thompson Valve
  • Quantum Valve
  • And More
deadman control

Sandblast Remote Control Handle

Ensure the safety of your blast operation with a reliable remote control handle. Offering OEM handles in stock and ready for use.

Options include:

  • Deadman Style
  • Deadman Trigger Style
  • Electric or Pneumatic

Air Blast Cabinet Replacement Parts

sandblast cabinet gun

Sandblast Cabinet Gun

sandblast cabinet gloves

Sandblast Cabinet Gloves

blast cabinet replacement window

Sandblaster Cabinet Glass

clemco sandblasting light

Clemco Beacon Blast Light

sandblasting Hose Safety Cable

Sandblast Hose Safety Cable

dust collector filter bags

Dust Collector Filters

Didn’t find the blasting part or accessory you need listed above? We probably have it!

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