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Parts Cleaning Solvent

Midvale carries high quality water based parts washer solvent for both Spray Washers or Ultrasonic Parts Washers. Midvale Industries can help you find the correct chemistry in order to meet or exceed the requirements for your project. Whether it’s removing honing oils from parts or coolant from a casting, we have a high quality chemical solution for you. Many spray cleaners even have temporary built-in rust inhibitors. Separate rust inhibitors are available for rust prevention over longer periods to ensure rust inhibition during shipment and storage periods.

Several formulations are available for use in spray washer and rltrasonic cleaning systems include:

    • General Multi-Metal Cleaners
    • Metal Specific Cleaners
      • Steel, Aluminum, Brass and More
    • Aqueous Cleaner for Remanufacturing
    • Aqueous Immersion Cleaner Concentrate
    • Aerospace/Mil-Spec Precision Cleaner

    See below for details on specific formulations.

    • Passivation Cleaners
    • Phosphating Cleaners
    • Electrochemical Cleaners
    • Rust Inhibitors
    • Rust and Scale Removers
    • Rinse Aids
    • Defoamers

    Remanufacturing Parts Washer Solvent

    Specially designed formulas for automotive and diesel remanufacturing operations. Effectively removes heavily burned-on oil and carbonaceous soils from aluminum and steel parts without damaging or discoloring. PRovides a long bath life and leaves the parts spot-free.

    Recommended in ultrasonic and immersion cleaning systems.

    Aerospace Mil-Spec Parts Washer Solvent

    Solvent designed to clean aluminum, titanium and other materials commonly used in the military and aerospace industries. Engineered to help provide cleaner baths, less maintenance, reduce waste and provide a higher-quality finish.

    Modified Alcohols

    Modified alochol solvent is designed for use in vacuum vapor degreasing equipment. Effective on multiple types of metal and removing various polar and non-polar contaminants. Leaves parts dry and without residue after the full cycle.

    Rust and Scale Removal

    Special formulas deisgned for removing scale or rust from the wash tank OR parts. Effective on metal oxides, scale, lime deposits, particulates, and other inorganic soils.

    Rinse Aids

    Rinse Aids are available for spot free drying on parts and to aid in overall rinsing and cleaning when added to cleaning tanks.


    Defoamers are another option for alkaline cleaners, heavy duty detergents, and lubricants.

    Chemistry Testing Services

    We offer full lab testing services to ensure you use the chemistry that best matches the needs of your application. Contact us to request a trial to test our cleaning chemistry.