Robotic and Automated Air Blast Equipment

Robotic and Automated Air Blast Equipment

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Robotic Blasting Equipment

Robotic blasting systems are ready to take on challenging specifications and tolerances required by your customers. These systems are programmable and available in many options, from cabinet upgrades to accommodate particular types of abrasives, to additional robotic components for loading and unloading.

-Programmable and specially designed for repeatability and consistency. Robotic functions can be re-programmable to allow flexibilty within a manufacturing facility.

-Ideal for precision blasting applications such as those found in the aerospace, automotive, and medical implants industries. When blasting by hand, it can be hard to acheive a repeatable, fine finish on metal components without the help of robotics.

-Many robotic functions and options are available including robotic loading and unloading (pick-and-place robotics) as well as vision detecting packages that can detect even the most subtle defects.

Automated Blasting Systems

Automated blasting systems are engineered for your specific blasting operation. We evaluate your requirements and parts to engineer the equipment to best suit your application. Fully automated blast equipment can come in many options such as:

  • Indexing Turntable
  • Batch Processing
  • Continuous Processing
  • Rotary Head
  • Shot Peening System
  • In-Line Systems
  • Customized Systems

Talk to our team to find the right fit for your blasting process.

Robotics and Automation Are Custom Engineered Projects

Our team of technical representatives will partner with you and our engineers to determine the best solution for your application. Start the conversation today and discover ways to improve your process.

Not sure if robotics are right for you?

We wrote a blog post on the topic of robotics and automation. This article dives into how they fit into manufacturing applications.

Abrasive Blast Recovery System

Abrasive Blast Recovery System

Abrasive blast recovery systems are a vital component for your return on investment (ROI). Blast recovery allows you to fully recover and re-use sandblasting media, saving you costs on lost media. Most blast recover systems function on  pneumatic systems or on a vacuum system. Midvale offers multiple options for sandblast media recovery whether it is for contained blasting in a facility (portable or built-in) or on a mobile job site.

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Schmidt Blast and Recovery Systems

Mobile Job Site Blast and Recovery

Schmidt blast and recovery systems (BRS) are designed for when open-air blasting is prohibited or not a viable option. These units allow you to blast and recover the abrasive and other contaminants at the same time while blasting in an outdoor environment. These units function on a vacuum system.

There are 3 main lines of the Schmidt BRS:

  • MiniBRS – Wheel-cart mounted for easy maneuverability.
  • BRS – Portable wheel-cart or skid system.
  • BRS II – Skid system designed for heavy duty and high production rates.

These abrasive blast and recover systems blasts then recover spent abrasives, contaminants and dust in the same step, eliminating the need for containment.

mini blast recovery system
mini blast recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system
schmidt blast and recovery system

Pneumatic Blast and Recovery Systems

Contained Abrasive Blast and Recovery

Pneumatic Blast & Recovery System (PRS) and Mechanical Recovery Systems can tap the cost-saving advantages of durable media for a modest investment. PRS allows you to proceed to recyclable media, such as aluminum oxide, chilled iron and steel grit. These medias can be used effectively over and over – from 6 to 200 times. The result is usually an attractive return on investment in media savings alone.

Reusable media is also faster acting and less dusty, meaning you get the additional advantages of increased productivity and a cleaner working environment. With the PRS, you can move blasting operations into enclosures to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. And, because the PRS recycles good media while removing dust and fines, blasting results are more consistent.

We offer PRS and Mechanical systems from Empire Abrasive Equipment and Clemco Industries.

blast recovery system
Blast and Recovery Systems
blast recovery system

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Blast Rooms

Blast Rooms

Blast Rooms

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blast room
aircraft paint stripping

Industrial Blast Rooms

Blast rooms are used when equipment or parts become too large to fit into a standard blast cabinet. In a blast room, an operator in protective clothing and a respirator blasts parts with recyclable blast media that is reclaimed through a floor grate or trough. Due to the large enclosure, blast booths provide great flexibilty in a production facility that manufactures and processes multiple types of parts.


  • Blast Rooms typically use recyclable media from steel shot or grit, to light abrasives such as corn starch (EnviroStrip or GPx) or Type VII plastic.
  • Blast Rooms are available in many sizes and with numerous options. From small pre-engineered rooms, to large custom built rooms as well as a variety of floor configurations.
  • Blast Rooms can be used for blasting large equipment and parts.
  • We have set up large and small systems for the military, railroad, automotive and commercial aerospace industries.
sandblasting booth
blast room

Industrial Blasting Room Options:

Custom Engineered Sandblasting Booth

Engineered blast facilities can be designed to meet the specific needs of your application. Each room will be designed will all the main components of a room, built to the size, requirements and bonus features desired. From monorail parts loading, stell stairs and upper decks, or mechanical lifts, we can build it.

Pre-Assembled Sandblasting Booth

An economical solution with a qucik turnaround for quote and delivery. Pre-assembled booths offer a standardized blast facility without the long wait of custom engineered blast rooms. These systems included an enclosure, floor recovery, abrasive cleaner, and dust collection. Talk to our team about your new blast booth today!

Save Money with an Abrasive Blast Booth

Abrasive blast booths provide long term ROI in your peoduction facility. Each booth is built to last decades worth of blasting with regular preventative maintenance. Each room is designed to recover media, providing quick ROI on your abrasive costs. Some medais can be used for 200+ cycles over the course of their lifetime.

sandblasting room
abrasive blast room

Planning Your Blast Booth

There are multiple considerations to consider when planning your blast booth. Custom engineered rooms will provide the best process solution for your applications. Below are some items to consider as you begin to plan your abrasive blast booth.

  • Media Choice
  • Recovery System
  • Work-Piece Handling
  • Dust Collection
  • Abrasive Cleaning System
  • Blast Enclosure
  • Compressed Air Supply
  • Other Special Requirements

Abrasive Recovery Options for Blast Rooms

Auger Abrasive Recovery

Screw conveyor abrasive recovery systems areavailable for full or partial floor sweep-in configurations. Abrasive is collected or swept into a hopperthat then send the abrasive through the cleaning and screening process.

screw conveyor abrasive blast recovery system

Belt Conveyor Recovery

The belt recovery system is built into the full or partial area of the floor. As abrasive is spent, it falls through the grated floor into hoppers that feed the belts. The belt then carries the abrasive through the cleaning and screening process.

abrasive blast belt recovery

M-Section Abrasive Recovery

M-Section recovery systems a pneumatically powered and designed for lightweight media. The spent media falls into the grated floor and in M-section hoppers. The system then uses high-velocity air to evacuate each hopper and carries the abrasive to the cleaning and screening process.

m-section abrasive recovery

Flat-Track Abrasive Recovery

Flat-Track is a full area recovery system that requires little digging within the facility. Abrasive is recovered through a series of channels where the abrasive is moved forward through a pushing ‘arm’ to enter the cleaning and screening process.

flat track abrasive recovery

Hopper Abrasive Recovery

Hopper abrasive recovery systems are the most economical option. Abrasive is collected or swept into a hopper that then send the abrasive through the cleaning and screening process.

Blast and Recovery Systems

Portable Sandblaster

Portable Sandblaster

Portable sandblasting pots are the workhorse of the abrasive blasting world. These systems come in various configurations from portable blast systems for outdoors to systems designed for use with blast cabinets and rooms. There are many blast pot systems on the market today. This is why it’s important to be able to decipher the features and quality available to you. Midvale Industries sells high quality industrial, commercial, and contractor style pots and equipment designed to withstand daily use.

Portable Sand Blaster

Portable blast pots are a versatile piece of equipment that can be moved from job site to job site. Ideal for industrial or contractor applications. Each unit designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of working in harsh conditions.

Available in the following sizes:

  • .5 cubic foot
  • 1 cubic foot
  • 2 cubic foot
  • 3 cubic foot
  • 6 cubic foot

Bulk Blast Pots

Bulk blast pots are ideal for large blasting operations where you need a large amount of media. Bulk blast pots provide large hoppers, cutting down on time spent re-loading media. These machines can be stationary within a facility or trailer mounted. Each unit designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of working in harsh conditions.

Features 2 operator stations that allow each operator independent control.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 60 cubic foot
  • 120 cubic foot
  • 160 cubic foot

Specialty Portable Sandblasters

Vapor Blasting Equipment

Vapor blast equipment reduces dust and uses very little water, making containment and cleanup simple.

Portable Wet Sandblaster

WETBLAST FLEX mixes media and water after it leaves the machine, so you’ll never have to clean out messy water/media mix.

Portable Soda Blaster

Soda blast pots are designed to blast with baking soda which is soft, lightweight and safe to use on sensitive substrates.

Blast Parts & Accessories

We stock OEM blast parts and accessories for all your balsting needs. Blast nozzles, couplers, nozzle holders, blast hose, valves and more! Call today to order your parts!

sandblast nozzles
Does your application need a boost?

Let our team help engineer the best solution for you!

Cellular Blasting Equipment

Cellular Blasting Equipment

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cellular blasting equipment

Cellular Blasting Equipment

Cellular blast equipment provides economical automation single-station for blasting small parts. The blast enclosure is large enough to process a variety of parts within a produciton facility, making it ideal for short runs on multiple parts. The cellular machine has a small footprint, freeing up valuable floor space within the facility. Each sized unit comes with media reclamation and dust collection, providing air quality and return on media investment.

Size Options

  • 38″ Deep x 30″ Wide x 65″ High Cabinet
  • 24″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 30″ High Cabinet

Key Benefits

  • Small Footprint
  • Economic Automotion
  • Multiple Part Capabilities

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Contact us today to talk to a LIVE representative. We can answer your questions, set up a site visit, or work out details for a trial of our products! Our team of technically trained sales representatives are backed by years of industrial knowledge and practice to help develop the best processes for your applications.