Stainless Steel Cut Wire

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Stainless Steel cut wire

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire lasts longer than traditional metallic shot (carbon steel shot). Stainless steel cut wire shot can be used as a metal finishing abrasive for aluminum castings, zinc pressure die castings, and in a variety of other applications (precast concrete and natural stone etching).

Stainless Steel cut wire generates less waste and dust emissions compared to mineral, bio-based, and man-made abrasives. This product also lasts many times longer than carbon steel shot or grit. Stainless Steel Shot and Grit is offered in multiple sizes for many different applications, and it reduces wear on equipment (particularly on wheel blaster equipment).

Stainless Steel Cut Wire Blasting Applications:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Finishing
  • Peening

Need help deciding which sandblasting media to use? View this Blast Media chart to find the most effective media for your application!

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